LoRaWAN: An Overview – Presentation at WLPC 2022

A quick post to provide a link to the slides and video for my presentation during the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference (#WLPC) in 2022.  My topic was LoRaWAN: An Overview, providing a 30- minute overview of this long-range, low-power, IoT technology deployed in over 160 countries.

Additionally, I also delivered a 6-hour Deep Dive: “LoRaWAN Home Lab” during WLPC 2022. Attendees used soldering, Python, and antenna theory to configure and assemble their own LoRaWAN gateway to receive temperature, pressure, and humidity data from a BME280.

Click on the following link to download a PDF version of the slide deck WLPC2022-LoRaWAN. Below is a link to the video presentation on Youtube:

More information about the WLPC conference can be found at https://thewlpc.com.

On a final note, #WLPC is in my opinion, “THE” premium Wi-Fi conference event of the year.  The content, format, and vibe allow attendees to geek out with friends and peers across the industry.  Kudos to event organizers and all the volunteers who make the experience great every time!


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