Five Reasons Why You Should Come to HPE Discover (Atmosphere) in Las Vegas 2024

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas or gets uploaded to the cloud for AI insights!

Get ready to roll the innovation dice and hit the tech jackpot at the hottest IT conference in Las Vegas during the second half of June 2024! Ditch the desert heat and step into a whirlwind of cutting-edge tech, electrifying keynotes, and networking opportunities that’ll leave you feeling like a high roller. This ain’t your average tech rodeo – HPE aims to bring the glitz, the glamour, and enough brainpower to light up the Strip.  Buckle up for a wild ride where you’ll level up your skills, double down on connections, and walk away with a winning hand in the ever-changing tech landscape.

The details have been dealt here, but expect a whirlwind of interactive experiences, customized sessions brimming with insider knowledge, and a healthy dose of that legendary Las Vegas sin as Atmosphere joins HPE Discover 2024.

Register now for HPE Aruba Networking, June 17 – 20, 2024, at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

Five Reasons Why You Should Come to HPE Discover (Atmosphere) in Las Vegas 2024

  1. Build-a-schedule: The session catalogue has just been released, and there is enough content to please any Airhead. Choose your session around keynote presentations and HPE Discover showcase receptions—schedule time to meet with product managers and CSEs. You have the power to form and shape the schedule you want. Don’t forget to schedule an exam and collect those badges. Saving exams until the end of the week is a real test of endurance.
  2. Technical Training: With over 17 courses to choose from, you can attend some in-depth technical training. Whether you want to learn about switching, ClearPass, Security, or managing an HPE Aruba Network, there is a course for you. The technical training does cost more, but it offers a more focused learning experience in lieu of attending a mix of entry-level sessions.
  3. Network with your peers: One of the most valuable parts of HPE Discover is the many opportunities to network and meet with your industry peers. Take advantage of this. Make a list and architect a plan for how to meet those who may only cross your path at HPE Discover.
  4. Firing line: This tradition has been around since the beginning of Airheads. Executives and business unit leaders take the stage to field questions from the audience. Many of the questions are softballs, but this is your chance to plan ahead and ruminate on your question. Soak in the themes and announcements of the week, then ask your question while gauging the response from HPE Aruba leadership.
  5. Last Aruba Atmosphere Conference: The Aruba Atmosphere brand has had a good run, but the Borg never rests, so the saying goes: “Resistance is futile; Aruba has finally been assimilated.” Be there in person as Aruba Atmosphere sings its last swan song. Next year, it will pivot to showcase HPE, powered by Juniper Mist branding and value. Don’t forget to purchase some swag at the store. This year’s branded merchandise will be a limited-release collector’s edition.

Bonus Reason: At Discover 2024, and for the first time ever, the keynote will be delivered from the Vegas Sphere. Some have described this as an epic experience. Experience the magical visual effects while you listen to updates on strategies and acquisitions.

HPE Discover 2024 Keynote at the Sphere in Vegas

Five Reasons Why You Should Come to Las Vegas (And HPE Discover [Atmosphere] 2024)

  1. Run the strip: Wake up early to beat the heat and crowds. Start the day off by going for a run along the strip. Don’t forget to snap a few pictures for your Strava feed. If you didn’t record it in Strava, does it even count?
  2. Attractions: Vegas has an incredible list of attractions to keep non-gamblers happy and fill time before your next meal. I would recommend Dig This – Get behind the controls of heavy construction equipment like excavators and bulldozers in the giant sandbox for adults and families.
  3. Museum: Check out the Mob Museum, where you’ll find artifacts, videos, and interactive exhibits that take you on a historical journey through organized crime from its beginnings to today. Don’t forget to visit the speakeasy in the basement for a tour and tasting.
  4. Food: Forget buffets and celebrity chefs. Discover Vegas’ hidden culinary gems – from fiery Thai flavours to sizzling Mexican feats, your tastebuds are in for the ride of their lives. Sticking to Venetian local restaurants, I would recommend a stop at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer,  Cañonita, or Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.
  5. Old Vegas: Ditch the mega-resort dazzle and enter a world of vintage neon and classic Vegas vibes. The Old Vegas Strip offers a nostalgic charm and a glimpse into the city’s legendary past.
Old Vegas Strip

HPE Discover + HPE Aruba Atmosphere 2024 offers you a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge to support and the skills to implement technologies and projects you’re already working on or planning.

I hope to see you there. If you see me, come and say hi!

Register now for HPE Aruba Networking, June 17 – 20, 2024, at the Venetian in Las Vegas.



Atmosphere at HPE Discover 2024

The Venetian Expo & Convention Center

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