Five Reasons Why You Should Come to Cisco Live 2024 in Las Vegas

The Vegas Strip is calling!

Leave the tech doldrums behind and join me for one of the most exhilarating IT conferences 

in Las Vegas during the first half of June 2024 – Cisco Live.  Think bright lights, buzzing energy, and a non-stop flow of game-changing innovations. They’re pulling out all the stops – mind-blowing tech reveals, insightful keynotes to raise your game, and networking hotter than a winning streak. Get ready to power up your tech arsenal, strike gold with verified connections, and feel the thrill of pushing the boundaries in the city that never sleeps.

The details have been dealt here, but expect a whirlwind of interactive experiences, customized sessions brimming with insider knowledge, and a healthy dose of that legendary Las Vegas sin during Cisco Live 2024.

Register now for Cisco Live – Redefine possible, June 2 – 6, 2024, at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

Five Reasons Why You Should Come to Cisco Live 2024

  1. Build-a-schedule: While a brilliant part of Cisco Live, there are way too many useful sessions to attend, and honestly, sitting through all of them takes away time that could be better spent networking. Choose your sessions early and wisely. Seek out sessions on topics you would like to ask the presenter about. Take advantage of being able to chat with them in person. All of the sessions you missed will be shared online following the conference.
  2. DevNet and Cisco UDevNet is probably Cisco’s best learning and knowledge repository. Every year, they bring their labs to classroom-like experiences in the DevNet zone inside the World of Solutions (WoS). DevNet sessions fill up FAST, so schedule them early. This year, Cisco is adding Cisco U, an AI-driven, personalized, self-paced learning platform.
  3. Meet with Cisco Executives and Engineering teams (MTE): I have often found this feature bizarre as significant number of customers with large enough projects would be in contact (remote or in person) with the Cisco engineers, distinguished engineers, and senior development engineers behind the scenes from within Cisco. It seemed strange for one to take time out of Cisco Live to meet with people you should have had the opportunity to meet with already – but I suppose this comes down to the nature of your local account team. I have realized that this level of access is precious for some. For those who see the value – this is definitely a resource to take advantage of while at CiscoLive and get your questions answered.
  4. Capture-The-Flag (CTF): Challenge yourself with a game of CTF! Collect points as you complete a game and earn a spot on the leaderboard. There are network, IoT, lock-picking challenges, and more. Warning! You could spend your entire time at the conference in the CTF zone!
  5. Network with your peers: One of the most valuable parts of Cisco Live is the plethora of opportunities to network and meet with your industry peers. Take advantage of this. Make a list and plan how to meet those who may only cross your path at Cisco Live.
Capture the Flag (CTF) at Cisco Live

Bonus reason #6: Attend the Customer Appreciation Event (CAE) to continue networking with your peers while listening to a legendary artist – Sir Elton John performer as the headline performer for Cisco Live 2024.

Sir Elton John cameo in 2017’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Five Reasons Why You Should Come to Las Vegas 

  1. Food: Forget those overpriced, glitzy celebrity kitchens! It’s time to ditch the Strip and embark on a culinary scavenger hunt for Vegas’s hidden foodie treasures. I’m talkin’ hole-in-the-wall joints where local chefs conjure up flavours that’ll make your tastebuds do the happy dance. Get ready for an unforgettable feast that’s authentic, delicious, and might just change your life (or at least your lunch plans). If you cannot get out of the south end of the Strip, with the obvious exception of the “All Day Irish Breakfast” at Rí Rá in Mandalay Bay, I would recommend Flanker Kitchen + Sports Bar and Libertine.
  2. Attractions: Cirque du Soleil offers an unparalleled blend of acrobatics, artistry, and awe-inspiring storytelling, with multiple shows running concurrently in Vegas. 
  3. Outdoor Adventures: Take a break from the city lights and explore the stunning natural wonders nearby. Hike in Red Rock Canyon, take a day trip to the Grand Canyon, or kayak on Lake Mead. These activities are a great addition at the end of the conference.
  4. Old Vegas: Forget the glitzy mega-resorts. Step back to a place where vintage neon signs illuminate a piece of Sin City history. Old Vegas whispers stories of classic cocktails, legendary entertainers, and a touch of the Wild West spirit.
  5. Juniper / Mist: Coincidentally, the second largest IT conference in the first half of June happens the same week as Cisco Live. Juniper is hosting AI-Native Now – register here. Why not take advantage, fold your hand and head over to hear a different perspective on AI, digital twins, and SD-WAN. You can always jump back over to Cisco Live in time to deal the next hand.

Cisco Live US 2024 offers you a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge to support and the skills to implement technologies and projects you’re already working on or planning.

I hope to see you there. If you see me, come and say hi!

Tickets are still available. Register now for Cisco Live – Redefine possible, June 2 – 6, 2024, at the Venetian in Las Vegas.



Cisco Live US 2024

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