I’ve been working with others on some configurations using Extreme’s wireless APs.  Not everyone wants to purchase the full license and settles for using ExtremeCloud IQ Connect.  Connect allows for free lifetime management of access points, switches, and routers via the ExtremeCloud IQ portal.

ExtremeCloud IQ supports the following features with no licensing cost:

  • Device on-boarding
  • Guided configuration
  • Centralized management
  • Wi-Fi planner
  • Basic monitoring tools
  • Essential security
ExtremeCloud IQ Comparison

For business reasons (it turns out Extreme is in the business of making money), not all features are configurable via the GUI in the ExtremeIQ portal. Fortunately, the APs themselves are fully featured and all features are accessible via CLI – which is another reason it’s useful to have access to a local CLI.

Now that I have brought up CLI, I think it is helpful to share a list of commands that are useful on a regular basis when administrating Extreme wireless access points.  Below you can a link to a CLI command reference sheet for configuring Extreme Wi-Fi access points that I have created.

This is the first version and if there are commands missing that you routinely use, let us know so we can improve it with your feedback.

Click on the image below to open the PDF version:


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