Cisco Live 2023 Session List

Here is a list of sessions that I am planning to sit on or have favourited to watch the recording (because there just isn’t enough time to get to every session).

Session Bias Notice

This is a self-confession that I am most excited about mobility, IoT, and Private 5G, complemented with Automation – amplifying the ability design, implementation, and troubleshooting with speed and/or at scale.

Session List


Cisco Wi-Fi: how to tune your design and configurations for your most demanding clients and applications

Jerome Henry, Principal Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Great news: you run a Cisco Wi-Fi network. Working with Apple, Samsung, Intel and other great names of the client device ecosystem, Cisco has introduced unique new features for your clients to tell you how they are performing, and for your controller and APs to optimize the experience of your Wi-Fi clients, including the most mobile of them, and including those that run real-time and demanding applications. In this session, you will learn how to tune your Cisco Wi-Fi network to offer a seamless experience to your mobile phones, tablets and mobile laptops.


Saturday Night and the Network’s Alright – Network Automation Hacks to Keep Your Weekends Free!

Juulia Santala, Technical Solutions Architect for DevOps, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The weekend is here, and you must get those approved changes completed before enjoying your time off – but there are so many devices to touch and so much output from “show” commands to review before you can relax! What if you could start the process, walk away, and be notified of the status in real time?

In this session, participants will gain hands-on experience with Python-based automation tools and templates to simplify configuration management while providing real-time updates by leveraging Cisco Webex APIs. The content covers practical example of using Jinja2 templates to make automated changes to IOS XE network configuration, as well as how to get started with pyATS testing framework to verify those changes.

New this year DevNet workshop seating is pre-registered attendees are seated first. There are only 12 laptops available for this session. This is a hands-on DevNet Workshop where you code along with an instructor. Bring your own 3.5mm aux connector headphones to hear the presenter or pick up a pair of headphones at the DevNet Command Center.


Sensors, sensors everywhere! Using LoRaWAN and Cisco Industrial Asset Vision

Angela Murphy, Cisco

Kevin Holcomb, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

LoRaWAN, a long range, low power wireless technology can provide visibility for applications in manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, smart cities, utilities, agriculture and more.  In this interactive breakout session, Cisco will describe the technology and discuss how the Cisco IoT porfolio including Cisco Industrial Asset Vision, a service in IoT Operations Dashboard, can help to simplify sensor deployments.  We will share example use cases and clarify when LoRaWAN is a suitable technology. In this session the audience will be welcome to share experiences of sensor implementations using LoRaWAN and the benefits and challenges they have experienced.


Design/Deployment and tuning of Outdoor Wi-Fi & Workgroup Bridges (WGBs)


Have an upcoming project requiring pervasive outdoor coverage? Looking for some ideas on long range wireless shots?  Or perhaps you have some questions realted to our workgroup bridge solution… This session aims to address these questions with practical, real-world deployment examples.  


Build Pervasive wireless mobility in industrial environment

Karan Capoor, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Are you looking for increasing operation/equipment/worker efficiency in industrial environments ? Are you looking for reducing your carbon emission and achieving sustainability goal ? If yes then learn how Cisco multiple wireless technologies can be combined to deliver a seamless secure mobility experience in industrial environments covering both indoor and outdoor areas and serve above mentioned goals


Keynote: Vision for the Future

Chuck Robbins, Cisco Systems Inc.

Liz Centoni, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer & GM, Applications, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Jonathan Davidson, GM Cisco Networking, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Jeetu Patel, EVP & GM, Secuirty & Collaboration, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Jeff Sharritts, Chief Customer & Partner Officer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Get a front row seat to hear the latest Cisco technology announcements and innovations. Hear from Chair and CEO, Chuck Robbins and Cisco executive leadership as they share Cisco’s vision for the future and unveil new solutions that will transform our industry, your business, and our world.


No API No Problem: Quick Robotic Process Automation in Python

Lee Sudduth, Customer Delivery Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Every IT job requires some repetitive task that must be done on a regular basis through a web interface. Who has time for that? Using the RPA python library, it is easy to automate repetitive tasks on web applications that don’t provide a suitable API. This session will present an example python application that automates scheduling equipment time in the gym. The techniques applied here could be used for any number of menial tasks: filling in timecards, reserving meeting space, renewing library books, the list is endless. Just watch out for those CAPTCHAs.


Supercharge Your Wireless Network with Programmability!

Palmer Sample, Developer Advocate, Cisco Systems, Inc.

You’re managing a complex distributed RF environment and have gone to the trouble of performing detailed site surveys at every location. Power levels, channel assignments, and IP addresses have been determined but who will apply the configuration across multiple controllers and hundreds or thousands of access points? What if there was an easier way that does not involve CLIs or clicking through the GUI? In this session, participants will use a source of truth to define the desired state of access points, then leverage the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless APIs to ensure the configuration is applied correctly without errors! Once this state has been achieved, we will use automation tools to ensure compliance with network requirements.

New this year DevNet workshop seating is pre-registered attendees are seated first. There are only 12 laptops available for this session. This is a hands-on DevNet Workshop where you code along with an instructor. Bring your own 3.5mm aux connector headphones to hear the presenter or pick up a pair of headphones at the DevNet Command Center.


Cisco Secure Edge Protection – Protecting the 5G Edge against DDoS attacks

Mike Geller, Distinguished Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

The rapid expansion of 5G has led to a diverse threat surface threatening the availability and sustainability of desired low latency outcomes (Virtual reality, IoT, …). One of the newer threats is the attack from rogue IoT devices and UE (phones, iPads and other 5G attached devices). This session covers the different angles and approaches to deal with these threats, otherwise known as “protecting the 5G N3.” The Cisco Secure Edge Protection service is a container and controller (to aggregate feedback from tens of thousands of Cell Site routers or “edge routers”) that today is offered in the NCS 540 Cell Site Router and will be expanded to other IOS-XR platforms including white box platforms. Please come to this session to learn how to protect your network, your customers and the SLA’s bound to the current and next generation services. The widely distributed nature of the 5G network means that customers should expect to be able to see and mitigate DDoS services as far out to the edge as possible. I will show you how in this session. You’ll learn about the supporting technology and see a live demonstration of how it works!


Network Automation – Start Here

Mel Delgado Delgado, Developer Advocate, Cisco Systems, Inc.

If you are interested in learning how to get started with network automation, this is the session for you. Sure, many tools and programming languages exists and you likely hear about many interesting topics related to automation but where do you start? This session focuses on a few rudimentary use cases (such as managing inventory, setting hostnames, managing DNS or NTP, and others with Cisco switches) written in Ansible to start you on your automation journey. Take your first steps towards using automation tools that manage infrastructure at scale.


Network Operations Center (NOC) Tour – Wireless

Chris O’Donnell, Systems Architect, Cisco

Take a private tour of the Cisco Live Network Operations Center (NOC). Visit the NOC and experience how Cisco Live rapidly builds and centrally manages a highly available and secure Cisco Enterprise Network. Speak with distinguished engineers and solutions experts to discuss the solutions deployed in Las Vegas and to share your own design and build experiences.


Holistic Security in 5G deployments

Munib Shah, Principal Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

As 5G provides service providers with more opportunities in sectors such as healthcare or manufacturing, it also considerably increases the extent of damage that can be caused by adversaries. Service provider networks are thus becoming an attractive target for cyber criminals to exploit. In this session attendees will be provided with a holistic view of security in large scale 5G deployments. The presenter will provide real-world examples of how operators are taking an embedded security approach to reduce risk and accelerate their time to market.


Advanced RF Tuning for Wi-Fi6E with Catalyst Wireless: Become an Expert, while getting a little help from AI

James Florwick, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Participants will learn the RF design and implementation guidelines necessary to plan, configure, and implement Wi-Fi networks that meet the evolving regulatory (6 GHz) and customers RF demands. Wi-Fi is changing and there has never been a more exciting time to be in RF technologies. In this session you will learn about Cisco’s newest Catalyst Wireless Access Points and Antenna’s including the latest Wi-Fi 6E Access Point and the new Wi-Fi 6 stadium antennas. Participants will learn and understand the current coverage and design best practices as well as what this means to the evolving RF landscape around the world. Everything we know is evolving. This session will provide a deep dive on how to think about and manage Wi-Fi6e, RRM, Spectrum Intelligence and the evolution of Multi Band Operations within the infrastructure. The evolution to Wi-Fi 6e brings amazing RF capacity gains. Wi-Fi6e also means new pressures on the wired infrastructures capacity and power that supports it. Attendees will learn what to expect and how to manage and plan the future needs now. Session attendees will be able to successfully use the information to navigate and understand todays fluid RF and Mobility landscapes and to articulate the benefits to their customers enabling the Best wireless and mobility experiences yet.


High Density Wi-Fi Design, Deployment, and Optimization

John Swartz, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Josh Suhr, Cisco

This session will cover an array of detailed tips, tricks, and tools for configuring and optimizing High Density WiFi networks in today’s most challenging environments, including valuable real-world insights on how the latest Cisco Catalyst Access Points, antennas, and Catalyst wireless controllers can be leveraged to deliver an optimized and reliable user experience. Attend this session to hear real-world hints directly from engineers who have deployed networks for some of the largest sports venues and events worldwide.


Understanding Wireless Security and the Implications for Secure Wireless Network Design

Mark Krischer, Principal Wireless Architect, Cisco

This session will explore secure wireless network design, with a key focus on the latest WPA3 and Wi-Fi 6 standards. Mobility brings unique challenges to network security, such as the need for secure fast roaming. Participants will learn how 802.11 addresses theses requirements, and explore the changes WPA3 brings and the implications for wireless deployments. This session will also explore how Cisco DNA Center expands upon the wireless security standards with Rogue AP detection and location, and Advanced Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention. The intent is to provide a deeper understanding, not just about the security capabilities themselves, but to do so from the perspective of the attacks that they defend against.


8 Tips for Deploying Indoor Wireless Mobility with Cisco Industrial Wireless

DJ Cole, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Indoor industrial use cases, such as manufacturing and entertainment, represent some of the most challenging environments to deploy wireless mobility for real-time communication. This session will share some tips for pre-deployment, design, and commissioning Cisco Industrial Wireless (802.11 based) networks in these environments, especially as they differ from general enterprise deployments. Intermediate-level general wireless knowledge is expected. Cisco Catalyst wireless, including workgroup bridge (WGB), and Cisco URWB (Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul) will be technologies covered during this session.


Design, validate and certify your wireless streaming telemetry deployment

Rafael Ceara Batile, Sr Systems Architect, Cisco Systems, Inc.

This session will focus on the design, monitoring, and alarming of the wireless infrastructure with streaming telemetry and the process Cisco Wireless engineering team follows to validate and certify real use-cases to scale as expected on production. We will cover different aspects that wireless engineers must take into account to ensure the network can grow as the business demands more traffic and compute to observe in real time what is happening in the network. 

Customers will benefits on this session with the understanding of: 1.- Scalable Streaming Telemetry deployment, 2.- Consumption of Wireless APIs based on customer real use-cases, 3.- Scale in/out your telemetry infrastructure based on network demand.


The Inner Workings of QoS for Modern Wireless Networks

Rob Barton, Distinguished Architect, Cisco

This session will guide you through the facinating but complex subject of QoS for wireless LANs, with a special emphasis on the foundational elements that will allow you to effectively deploy QoS in your wireless LAN. The session will begin with a discussion of the underlying wireless QoS standards, including IEEE 802.11e and WMM. Next, we will do a deep-dive into the innerworkings of QoS for Wi-Fi6 (802.1ax), and how this differs from legacy QoS. We will also take a look into the future of Wireless QoS by examining the mechanics of Wi-Fi7 (802.11be). This session will examine end-to-end QoS design principles and how to correctly align these to the challenges presented by the wireless QoS standards. We will examine QoS deployment recommendations when using the IOS-XE / Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller.

There are a few other sessions I plan on attending, obviously the Customer Appreciation Event (CAE) and the CCIE/CCDE NetVet Meeting with CEO Chuck Robbins.

What sessions are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below! 



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