Aruba Atmosphere ’23 Sessions Hit List

With Aruba Atmosphere 2023 kicking off next week, I wanted to share a list of the sessions that I am interested in attending or watching the recording post conference.

You can find a list of all available sessions here.

Sessions to Attend

Here is of sessions and keynotes that I plan to attend remembering that #ArubaAtmosphere is a dynamic event and schedules can change at the last minute, well my schedule can change, not necessarily the session schedule.

I don’t have many sessions scheduled on Tuesday as I will be participating as a Tech Field Day delegate for the Network Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere. There are several smaller sessions scheduled on Tuesday following the kickoff Keynote: Be Ready for What Comes Next.

Tuesday, April 25th

Keynote: Be Ready for What Comes Next

Network operators, directors, and executives must stay prepared for an unpredictable future and remain agile to address what comes next. Business priorities continually evolve and create demands on the network for automation, integrated security, cloud-based services, sustainability initiatives, and as-a-service deployment options. HPE Aruba Networking can help ensure your network delivers positive outcomes required for your business. You’ll be ready for what comes next at Atmosphere ‘23.

Antonio Neri, President and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Phil Mottram, EVP and GM, HPE Aruba Networking

Wednesday, April 26th

Keynote: Power Your Transformation Journey To Prepare For What Comes Next

Delivering business value requires an agile, scalable and secure network that adapts with your business. Join David Hughes and team as they reveal the best fit for solving business and IT challenges – from reducing cybersecurity risk to streamlining IT operations to enabling better integrated real life and digital experiences. You will hear from Aruba experts, see interactive demos and learn how Aruba ESP and network as a service (NaaS) can empower you to move from managing devices to delivering business outcomes.

David Hughes, SVP, HPE Aruba WAN Business, Aruba, HPE Aruba Networking

The Sky’s The Limit For Women In Tech

Women in Tech is a place where we come together to hear inspiring stories and perspectives, engage with industry peers at all levels and functions, and relate these experiences to our own journeys. Hear from guest speaker Caroline Johnson, one of the first women to fly a combat mission and author of Jet Girl; female leaders from the HPE executive team, and customer panelists: Susan Delaney, Sr. Director, Global Network Services, eBay; Kim Rometo, CVP, CITO, Atlanta Hawks; Melissa Rood, VP IT Operations, Information Technology, The Venetian; and Donna Tatro, Associate CIO, Princeton.

This session includes an interactive networking lunch with colleagues and peers.

Sylvia Hooks, VP & Head of Marketing, HPE Aruba Networking

Kristin Major, Chief Talent Officer, HPE

Jennifer Temple, EVP and COO, HPE

Caroline Johnson, Jet Girl

Combining the Simplicity of Wi-Fi with the Power of Private 5G

Emerging enterprise requirements for wide-area coverage, high-speed mobility, segregated back-of-house traffic, and deterministic network access pose increasingly difficult challenges for Wi-Fi. Addressing them with cellular technology has been a heavy lift, beyond the reach of most enterprise network administrators. In this session, you’ll discover how HPE Aruba Networking is using familiar enterprise networking tools and managed services to make private 5G as accessible and easy to operate as Wi-Fi.

Stuart Strickland, Wireless CTO, HPE Aruba Networking

Karim Malki, Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Athonet

What’s Next: Building and Deploying Apps for IoT Operations on Aruba Central

Join this expert-led session on using Aruba’s IoT App Developer Portal to bring your integration to Aruba Central customers. We will cover the process and best practices for creating a variety of IoT apps, as well as development and debugging tools and techniques. This session is intended for Aruba Technology Partners and developers.

Ben Dunsbergen, VP Engineering, WLAN and IoT, HPE Aruba Networking

Sachin Sanap, Sr Manager, HPE Aruba Networking

Outdoor and Industrial RF Design with 6GHz Updates

This session is an abridged version of previous Outdoor RF Design courses and will focus more on industrial applications, including hazardous locations with potentially explosive environments, and will include new 6GHz guidance around standard power operational rules and design considerations.

Jerrod Howard, Outdoor WLAN PLM, HPE Aruba Networking

Atmosphere Appreciation Party

We’re ready to party! Join us for the industry’s best appreciation party at Allegiant Stadium for jaw dropping entertainment, unforgettable music, cocktails galore, activations, games, and of course connecting with your fellow Airheads! Roundtrip transportation to and from the Venetian will be provided. You won’t want to miss this!

Thursday, April 27th

Open Locate: Bringing GPS-like location services indoors to client devices near you

What new services and applications could you deliver if you had GPS-like location accuracy indoors? Just as GPS revolutionized outdoor location services, Open Location technology from HPE Aruba Networking will change the accuracy and scope of indoor location services. In this session, you will learn how Open Locate pinpoints the location of access points throughout the lifecycle of a building and helps technology partner client devices accurately locate themselves indoors to within roughly one meter.

Sean Ginevan, Head of Global Strategy & Digital Partnerships, Google

Michael Tennefoss, VP of IoT & Strategic Partnerships, HPE Aruba Networking

Drew Ehlers, Global Futurist and Head Of Global Partners, Zebra

Stuart Strickland, Wireless CTO, HPE Aruba Networking

Evolution of Wi-Fi

How did we get here? Explore the evolution of Wi-Fi standards, including the transition to 802.11ax and the 6GHz band. We’ll also discuss the implications of Wi-Fi 7 and how it compares to the benefits of Wi-Fi 6E.

Pawan Jheeta, Senior Product Manager, HPE Aruba Networking

Gaurav Patwardhan, Research Engineer (Aruba CTO), HPE Aruba Networking

Farhan Hasnain, Distinguished Technologist , HPE Aruba Networking

Executive Q&A

Have something to ask our HPE Aruba Networking Executive Team? No questions are off limits in this session. The HPE Aruba Networking Executives are ready! Grab a boxed lunch and join us for this lively session.

William Choe, Vice President, Product Management, HPE Aruba Networking

Jon Green, Chief Security Officer, HPE Aruba Networking

Madani Adjali, Vice President, PLM, WLAN, SD-Branch and Location Services, HPE Aruba Networking

Damon Ennis, Vice President, Engineering, HPE Aruba Networking

Mike Wais, Vice President of Supply Chain, HPE Aruba Networking

Catch the session recordings!

This is a list of sessions that I’ve favourited to come back to due to cool topic or overlapping session – listed in absolutely no order. Recordings will be released via the Airheads portal following #ArubaAtmosphere 2023.

Very High-Density Wi-Fi Architectures for Large Public Venues

This session provides updates to the very high-density scaling data published in the Aruba Validated Reference Design guide. We will compare AP515 and AP535 performance characteristics in high density environments, with the original data and offer timing and network architecture guidance to utilize Wi-Fi 6E in indoor and outdoor large public venues.

Amogh Guruprasad Deshmukh, Research Test Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Jeffrey Weaver, Director, Wireless CTO Team, HPE Aruba Networking

Speeding Up AOS 10 Deployments Using APIs

Learn how to take advantage of the API extensibility in Aruba Central to build custom monitoring, configuration tools, customer dashboards, alerts, and notification frameworks—allowing you to accelerate Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 operations.

Aaron Scott, WLAN PLM, HPE Aruba Networking

Deep Dive: Traditional and Modern Authentication Technologies

This session starts off with a Certificates 101 overview. Then, buckle up as we do a deep dive into how traditional authentication technologies like 802.1X, EAP, and RADIUS/RadSec differ from modern, cloud-based technologies such as SAML, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and WebAuthN/CTAP2 (FIDO2).

MARC IBANEZ, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Policy, HPE Aruba Networking

Aruba ClearPass Best Practices & Troubleshooting

Learn troubleshooting tips from Aruba’s Escalation Response pros. We’ll discuss the top 10 issues in live deployments and how best to keep your users securely connected. We’ll also cover best practices and proactive tasks you can perform to avoid problems.

Rajesh Ramireddy, Principal Network Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Aruba Standard Power Operations for 6GHz in Action!

See it live―Aruba standard power operations in action with Wi-Fi 6E APs and Federated Wireless’s Automated Frequency Coordination service. This session details how the AP communicates with Aruba’s SP6 service and with Federated’s AFC to enable Standard Power operations. Standard Power represents the next opportunity for 6GHz deployments, enabling both outdoor and high power indoor usage while protecting incumbents. Bonus: You’ll also see the power and speed of 6GHz.

Jerrod Howard, Outdoor WLAN PLM, HPE Aruba Networking

Vikram Raghu, WiFi Research Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Pragadesh Raja, Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Taming IoT: When Digital Transformation Projects Start Outside of IT

IoT devices are an integral part of the digital transformation that so many organizations are now undertaking, but how does IT deal with projects it doesn’t know about? The explosive growth of IoT devices on enterprise networks is being fueled by drivers outside of the IT organization, but network administrators have a valuable role to play in keeping IoT devices up and running, while minimizing the risk they might introduce to the company. In this session, Dave Logan, VP and CTO at Aruba Americas, shares best practices for working cross-functionally for the best IoT outcomes.

David Logan, Vice President and CTO, Aruba Americas, HPE Aruba Networking

6GHz Standard Power Wi-Fi Operations Deep Dive

This session describes in detail the rules and processes by which standard power operations APs (both indoor and outdoor) will operate between HPE Aruba Networking and Federated, followed by a longer-than-average Q&A to answer questions. We might include a live AFC demo if possible.

sam macmullan, Chief Spectrum Architect, Federated Wireless

Dave Wright, Head of Global Wireless Policy, HPE Aruba Networking

Simplify Funding Conversations With Business ROI Positioning

Learn the concepts and benefits of driving solutions, rather than products, when it comes to funding planning and driving success.

Matthew Hochwender, Senior Global Director, High Touch Services, HPE Aruba Networking

Designing Hyper-Aware Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial and manufacturing companies are increasingly interconnecting IT systems with Operation Technology (OT) devices and systems on the factory floor. IT and OT managers need to isolate traffic so there is no cross-communication between IT and OT systems, while ensuring high up-time over shared network infrastructure. This session discusses using VXLAN and Dynamic Segmentation to isolate IT and OT traffic including Profinet RT,  and shows how legacy OT devices using protocols like ModBus/TCP can be protected using Aruba’s Zero Trust framework.

Michael Tennefoss, VP of IoT & Strategic Partnerships, HPE Aruba Networking

Accelerating IoT Workload Migration to Azure IoT

Moving IoT workloads to the cloud requires extensive engineering support to ensure that security policies are aligned and IoT data is formatted for native cloud applications. Come hear Microsoft, reelyActive, and HPE Aruba Networking discuss an open-source data converter that sits on the north side of the Azure IoT hub and automatically reformats IoT payloads for use by native Azure applications. Used with Aruba IoT Transport for Azure, the open source converter works with data streamed by Aruba APs from BLE, EnOcean Alliance, and other IoT devices, reducing IoT workload migration from weeks to minutes.

Jeffrey Dungen, CEO, reelyActive

Michael Tennefoss, VP of IoT & Strategic Partnerships, HPE Aruba Networking

Leveraging Automation And APIs Across HPE Aruba Networking Products

HPE Aruba Networking’s programmability is an important factor in interacting with various solutions. See how APIs are used in Aruba Central, ClearPass, and EdgeConnect in various use cases. This session showcases how to use EdgeConnect automation to help set up and manage SD-WAN, how to use ClearPass to handle access control, and demonstrates efficient use of Central’s monitoring capability. This is all accomplished using Aruba’s open APIs and built-in programmability.

Alex Amaya, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Jay Pathak, PLM – API & Automation, HPE Aruba Networking

Karthik Satheesh Kumar, Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Zach Camara, Consulting Systems Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Mathew George, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

IoT Operations for Scalable Enterprise IoT Deployments

Learn how HPE Aruba Networking enables scalable IoT deployments using IoT operations in Aruba Central with AOS 10.x WLAN infrastructure.

Justin Sergi, Product Line Manager, IoT, HPE Aruba Networking

Nikunj Shah, Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Securely Onboarding IoT Devices with Wi-Fi Easy Connect (Aka Device Provisioning Protocol)

Let’s examine the challenges of securely completing network onboarding and the benefits of Wi-Fi Easy Connect (also known as Device Provisioning Protocol), which make it simple and secure. We’ll close with a demonstration using our own UXI sensor.

Danny Jump, Sr Product Manager, AOS Edge Security, HPE Aruba Networking

Hardening AOS 8 and AOS 10

Learn how to configure AOS 8 and AOS 10 for high security applications.

Phillip Hernandez, Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Making Cellular and Wi-Fi Work Better Together

If you look at your phone during Atmosphere, you are probably using Aruba Air Pass. Gain a technical understanding of Air Pass to better support cellular offload to Wi-Fi. This capability is more important than ever with 5G.

Mukesh Biyani, Sr. Product Manager, Policy, HPE Aruba Networking

AOS 10 is Here: Wireless Design Change Considerations from AOS 8 to AOS 10

This session covers network design changes to consider when moving from ArubaOS 8 Instant or ArubaOS 8 campus deployments to AOS 10. We’ll also introduce the deployment options and requirements in AOS 10, including an AP only and an AP with gateways implementation. We’ll also compare current AOS 8 controller and Instant mesh configurations to AOS 10 to understand what is maintained, what is new, and the considerations needed for any mesh in AOS 10.

Carson Hulcher, Technical Marketing Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Introduction to Using Rest APIs With Aruba Central

The way IT departments manage data centers, edge devices, and SD-WAN deployments is changing. There is a shift from humans working with web portals and reacting to events to systems reacting to each other. Explore how to access information from Aruba Central and how to understand the results of an Application Program Interface (API) request. This session is a peek into the world of restful APIs. Get started on your journey to understanding Aruba Central restful APIs and how they are transforming operational management and monitoring.

Note: This lab will require you to provide your own device. A laptop with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is preferred.

Rick Kauffman, Global Enablement TME, HPE Aruba Networking

Michael Rose, Consulting Systems Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Wade Wells, CSE, HPE Aruba Networking

The Anatomy of An AP

Get an in-depth overview of the architecture, building blocks, and components of a WLAN access point, using the AP-655 as an example. Learn what goes into defining, designing, building, and testing these platforms with real-world examples and data.

Onno Harms, Sr. Director of PLM – WLAN Platforms, HPE Aruba Networking

TAC Top 10 Tips

Understand the hot issues experienced by customers and use TAC’s insights and experience to proactively mitigate impact to your networks. TAC will cover the top 10 common issues that impact customers and ways to identify them. We will also go over best practices to ensure your network and products are running at peak efficiency. We will focus on major products like WLAN, AOS 10, Aruba Central, switching, and CPPM.

Vinod Kumaar, Solution Architect, Aruba ERT, HPE Aruba Networking

Ramesh Pabbichetty, ERT Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Rajesh Ramireddy, Principal Network Engineer, HPE Aruba Networking

Pravinkumar Mahalingam, Principal Network Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Evolution of Wireless Security

Join us for a deep dive into WLAN security and considerations for Wi-Fi 6E deployments. This session covers WPA3 and Enhanced Open.

Josh Schmelzle, Technical Marketing Engineer, CWNE #413, HPE Aruba Networking

Let me know in the comments what sessions caught your eye and what you’re looking forward to during the Aruba Atmosphere 2023 event!



Aruba Atmosphere 2023 Sessions Catalog

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