Wi-Fi Design Resources v4

This is a list of Wi-Fi resources I have found myself referring to many times:

Understanding Wi-Fi

Visualizing Waves

Gjermund’s Airtime Calculator

Fourier transform (“simple” explanation)

Fourier transform (“less simple” explanation)

WLANPros Wireshark Colouring Rules

Wi-Fi Client Capabilities


RSSI Compared

DFS Testing

DFS Pulse/Signal Generation (from NutsAboutNets)

DFS Testing Results

Software Defined Radios (SDR)



Wi-Fi Testing Tools


Documentation & Labs for using WLANPi

WLANPi Github

Apple Specific Utilities

Wi-Fi Explorer Pro 3 (Intuitibits)

Wi-Fi Signal (Intuitibits)

AirTool 2 (Intuitibits)

Transfer (Intuitibits) – TFTP server for you Mac.

nOversight (Numerous Networks) – monitor iPhone joins/logs

Windows Specific Utilities

Wi-Fi Explorer Lite (Intuitibits)

Eye P.A. (Metageek)

Wi-Fi Scanner (Access Agility)

WinFi (TethaByte UG)

Wi-Fi Sensors / Remote Testing


7 Signal

HPE Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) Sensors


Site Survey Kits



WiFiStand (APoS mounting bracket)

Portable Battery Pack PoE+ from Acceltex (for APoS Surveys)

Wi-Fi APoS Survey Tripods (Vantage Point Products) – solution for tripods beyond >3m (think warehouses and the like…)

Sidekick 1 USB Cables

Lightning to Micro-USB (iPhone & older iPads)

USB-C to Micro-USB (lastest iPads)

Belt clip for Sidekick (TacDraw)

Samsung OTG cable

Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter (Apple)- use for Lightning to SK1