Guest on Clear To Send Podcast – Episode 256 (2^8)

If you haven’t already heard of ClearToSend – it is a podcast for wireless network engineers.  It is hosted by @rowelldionicio and @vergesfrancois who together have released over 250 episodes across audio and video formats.  If you are into Wi-Fi at all, I highly recommend subscribing to their show.  In addition, the guys at ClearToSend have also released a training course: A Practical Guide to Wi-Fi Site Surveys.  If you are done with the theory and want more practical knowledge – sign up for this course.

Recently, I was invited on toepisode 256 of the Clear To Send Podcast as a guest to discuss the IoT landscape of today and how Wi-Fi professionals should approach it.  We discuss Bluetooth, BLE, WirelessHART, and potential different design considerations when it compels to selecting an IoT solution.

You can listen to audio from the show here.

Alternatively, watch a video of the recording on Youtube.

Here are some resources/visuals to refer to while listening to the show:

2.4 GHz frequency usage across different protocols:


Mapping of technologies versus operating range:

The image above is extracted from a report from Keysight Technologies: The-Internet-of-Things-Enabling-Technologies-and-Solutions-for-Design-and-Test

You can find the ClearToSend podcast at the typical access your pods.

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Thanks again to the crew at CTS – Rowell & François for inviting me onto the show.


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